Live streaming do's and don'ts Live streaming do's and don'ts

Live streaming do's and don'ts


Welcome to ZEPETO LIVE, a great way to show off more of your creativity and personality.

The following [Live Stream Do's and Dont's] guidelines are here to help you thrive, connect with your audience, and express yourself both fully and responsibly.

To effectively engage with your audience and create quality content, be sure to read our tips in the "Do" section. If you are new to ZEPETO Live, our Essential Guide for LIVE Beginners offers additional helpful insights.

⭐Remember, with the privilege of reaching a wide audience as a Live Creator comes the added responsibility to uphold high standards.⭐

Failing to follow our Community Guidelines or the "Do Not" section of the following guidelines can result in the temporary or permanent suspension of your live streaming privileges AND your ZEPETO account.

At ZEPETO, we deeply value the safety, dignity, diversity, and inclusion of all of our users. Thank you for your support in making ZEPETO safer and more welcoming for everyone.




  • Try out a variety of engaging content in your stream (e.g. mini quizzes, playing in World, storytelling, skits)
  • Have open conversations with your viewers, build trust, and nurture authentic connections
  • Create your own reaction gestures for extra fun!
  • Use "My Collection" to show off your fun fashion style with your viewers
  • Report, mute, or ban viewers who make you feel uncomfortable or are disrupting your stream
  • Select trustworthy friends to help manage and moderate your live stream. Set clear rules and expecations with your audience.
    • Live Creators are leaders of our community. You can help build a safer, positive, and respectful community by exemplifying model behaviors and setting clear rules and expectations with your audience.
  • Try to maintain and promote a regular broadcast schedule so your viewers know when to tune in to your live streams
  • Stay active! Use your live stream to have fun, respond to your viewers and refrain from being idle.
  • Don't limit yourself to the mobile experience, try to stream also using ZEPETO LIVE PC for a wider range of contents
  • Make use of all ZEPETO features!
    • Use your feed by creating and sharing video clips of the most interesting moments of your streams
    • Create your own ZEPETO club and expand communication
  • Keep track of your growth through the statistics and insights provided by ZEPETO Studio
  • Create the right environment for the best streaming experience by selecting a good internet connection and a quiet space. 


❌Do Not:

  • Share Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    • We ask that you be mindful of your privacy and avoid giving out too much information about yourself. The same rule goes for when talking about other people's PII.

      *PII is any data that could potentially be used to identify a specific individual. Examples include full legal name, physical address, phone number, etc.
  • Share your login credentials with anyone to use your live stream access.
  • Offer, solicit, or present any sexually provocative content or behaviors during live streaming
  • Disrespect, harass, or bully others while you are live.

    • Inciting audience to exclude, bully or harass others, including ZEPETO users and ZEPETO Creators is strictly prohibited on ZEPETO.

    • Live streams dedicated to degrading, disrespecting, and spread rumors about individuals or groups of individuals are prohibited. Avoid making negative remarks about someone's nature, personality, intelligence, innate qualities, or physical appearance, including body shaming.

    • We recognize that interpersonal conflicts may arise on a dynamic real-time communication feature such as Live streaming. We understand context matters, and we take it into account when enforcing our Community Guidelines.

    • We ask you to refrain from using our platform to incite hate, or promote bullying.
      Instead, we encourage you to engage in constructive debates and respectful conversations to foster a positive ZEPETO experience as community leaders.

  • Criticize other Creator's work unless you have established relationships and trust with them or have been explicitly asked to provide constructive feedback.
    • Constructive feedback describes helpful, focused, and solution-oriented feedback rather than negative and unhelpful feedback. It comes from the spirit of partnership and mutual learning.
  • Use copyrighted music in your content. You should only create, post, and share content on ZEPETO that you own, or that you otherwise have rights to. We recommend using music or sounds provided on the ZEPETO app. Learn more here
  • Broadcast outside of official live streaming hours in your region

    Broadcasting hours:

    • Korea/Japan (UTC+9): 12:00 pm-3:00 am
    • Indonesia (UTC+7): 12:00 pm-3:00 am
    • United States ET (UTC-4): 12:00 pm-04:00 am
    • France (UTC+1): 10:00 am - 00:00 am
    • Thailand (UTC+7): 13:00 pm-3:00 am
    • Taiwan (UTC+8): 15:00 pm-00:00 am