The improvements ZEPETO has made in 2022! The improvements ZEPETO has made in 2022!

The improvements ZEPETO has made in 2022!


Is it possible? Of course, it is!
The improvements that ZEPETO has made in 2022!

Our ears are always open to all of your feedback. We have reviewed and reflected many feedback this year. The ZEPETO team has been taking an especially closer look at the feedback on ZEPETO's features. Let’s take a look at all of our new features of 2022!

In 2022, we reviewed 165 of the 430 feedback on the features. Based on the feedback, we brought 85 new features to ZEPETO, which is a whopping 38% of feedback reflected! We will continue to review and reflect the remaining feedback in 2023. Please stay tuned for more updates!


The categories that received the most opinions were Feeds, Items, and World features. We have closely examined the following features because we believe our users want to see the most improvements in these areas.


Category Number of feature requests
Feed 70
Item (Shop) 54
World 44
Avatar 34
Studio 34
Crew / Style 27
Collaboration 25
Build it 18
Gift 16
Chat 15
Language 13
Account 12
Live 12
Safety 7
Localization 3
Payment 2
Etc 44
Total 430


As a result, we were able to improve and bring the following features to ZEPETO! Let's take a closer look at the main features that were updated in 2022.

2022 major feature updates

Comments Pinned at the Top, Sound Tag

Custom PRO, View Live List, Feed Characters Increase

THE NEW Avatar 2.0 Release!

You can now gift Creator Items!


updated thanks to your feedback

Ranking Features
1 Creator item gift
2 Pinned comment / Replies
4 Group chat invitation setting
5 Decline, report, and receive gifts setting
6 Creator World detail page : multilingual support
7 Photo booth favorites
8 Photo booth members setting
9 Information on devices that supports high-quality content upload
10 Item preview screen improvement : Background change

What updates will be there waiting in 2023?

First of all, we will add new features to ZEPETO Studio! Creators and potential creators, don’t miss out on updates to create your items and world in a more exciting and convenient way!

We will also add new features to our most loved LIVE. Stay tuned for a more exciting LIVE experience! You might be able to do LIVE with your friends!

To everyone who has been with us in the world of ZEPETO in 2022! Thanks for making ZEPETO even better. See you in our upcoming 2023 ZEPETO world.