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Privacy Settings

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Having control over your privacy is foundational to feeling safe. While there are volumes of amazing content to experience and create in ZEPETO, each user must decide their own comfort levels on who is able to see their posts, view their network, privately message them, and tag them in content or comments.

In our Privacy settings, users have the option to set their preferences to allow access either to people they follow, anyone in ZEPETO, or no one. For private messaging features, they have the ability to allow access to both followers and people they follow, anyone, or no one.

Privacy and Contents setting

  • Click the “Setting” icon on your profile
  • Click “Privacy and Contents”
    • In Privacy, select:
      • Message controls
        • Who can message me 1:1
        • Who can invite me to a group chat
      • Who can invite me to the World?
      • Who can see my following and followers list?
      • Who can see my online status?
    • In “Contents”
      • Who can take photo booths with me
      • Who can see my posts?
      • Who can see my tagged posts?
      • Who can tag me on posts?
      • Hidden Post
    • For Gifts
      • People who can send me gifts
    • Record
      • Save content with ZEPETO ID


  • Anyone
  • Following & Followers
  • Followers People who follow you
  • Following People who you follow
  • None

Users have the ability to disable comments on any post before uploading their content on ZEPETO. To turn off commenting:

  • In the Upload screen, tap the toggle next to “Allow comment”
    • Purple: Comments are allowed
    • Gray: Comments are disabled