Annoucement on Copyright infringement Annoucement on Copyright infringement

Annoucement on Copyright infringement


Hi, this is the ZEPETO team.


Lately, we've been receiving reports of copyright violations involving the unauthorized use of modeling resources without the creator's consent. We recognize the gravity of this situation as a significant copyright violation. When we receive a report and confirm that content has been plagiarized by comparing it to the original work, we take the following actions:


  • Creators who submit or sell items using resources created by other creators will forfeit their earnings from Studio, and their ability to submit and sell items on our platform will be permanently revoked.
  • Any items found to be in violation of copyright will be promptly removed from the Shop.


ZEPETO maintains strict policies against content that infringes on copyright. If you come across any content that violates your rights, please consult this guideline and file a report requesting suspension due to copyright infringement.

Please keep in mind the following;

  • Only the original creator or a delegated representative can file a report.
  • The report should include all necessary information about the original work and the suspicious content.


ZEPETO Studio is committed to ensure that creators' rights are upheld and respected.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.