FAQs by Payment Method FAQs by Payment Method

FAQs by Payment Method


Market Platform - Google Play / App Store

Q. I paid, but ZEM/Coins aren't loaded.

  • If the problem remains the same after re-launching the app, please check the following.
    • Google Play Store: Please check your order number on your purchase receipt and contact customer support with your order number and ZEPETO ID or code.
    • Apple App Store: Due to Apple's policy, developers cannot check the purchase history or proceed with refunds. Please contact the App Store directly for goods that have not been loaded.

Q: I cannot make a payment.

  • If you're a minor or if your account is suspended for violating ZEPETO guidelines, payment may not be made normally. Please refer to the details in "I can't make a purchase (both AOS, IOS)" and contact us.

Q: I can't find my order number after payment. (Android)

  • A payment receipt will be sent to the Gmail address you used to make the payment on the Google Play Store, and you can find your order number in the payment receipt. For more information, please refer to the article, "I can't find the 'Order Number.".

Q: I want to gift ZEM/Coins to someone else.

  • Google Play / App Store allows you to charge ZEMs and coins only to your account.

    Instead, you can gift ZEMs or coins to other accounts by using external payment shops such as Coda Shop and Razer Gold. For more information, please refer to the following article.

Web Shops - Coda Shop / Razer Gold / Web Credit Shop

Q: I paid, but ZEM/Coins aren't loaded.

  • Please understand that payments made at external payment shops (Coda Shop, Razer Gold, Web Credit Shop) are difficult to check on ZEPETO. Please check if the ZEPETO account entered on the payment page is correct and contact the shop where you made the payment directly.


Q: I entered the wrong ZEPETO ID. Can I get a refund or transfer the goods to another ID?

  • Goods purchased from external payment shop are instanly charged to your ZEPETO ID, and once charged, they cannot be refunded or recovered. Please check your ZEPETO account details before making a payment.


Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

  • By default, we accept credit card payments, and various other external payment methods are supported. For more information, please contact the customer center of each external payment shop (Coda Shop, Razer Gold, Web Credit Shop).


Other Payment Methods - Digital Code


Digital Code

Q. Can I check my balance?

  • Currently, there is no direct way to check the balance. Please contact the ZEPETO Support for availability and balance checks.


Q.I bought it, but I didn't get my PIN number.

  • Please check the phone number registered to your 11STREET account. Your digital code will be sent by text message (SMS). For more information, please contact the 11STREET customer center.


Q. I accidentally deleted the message, can you resend the code number?

  • Please contact the 11STREET customer center. However, we are not responsible for the lost, stolen, damaged, or misused codes due to the customer's lack of care.


Q. I want to buy a it, do I need to verify myself?

  • According to the ZEPETO regulations, those under the age of 13 may be restricted from using it. If you want to purchase it, please be sure to verify your identity.


Q. When is the expiration date?

  • It is valid for 5 years from the time of purchase.


Q. I'd like to get a refund.

  • For unused PIN numbers only, you can contact the Korea prepaid card customer center 1899-3206 directly to process a refund.

    • 100% refund within the expiration date (5 years)

    • 90% refund after expiration


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