How to Purchase Coin/ZEMs How to Purchase Coin/ZEMs

How to Purchase Coin/ZEMs


ZEPETO goods, ZEMs and Coins can be purchased through the following routes.

Market Platforms  Web Shops Others
Android : Google Play Store Coda Shop Gift Card (KR Only)
iOS : Apple App Store Razer Gold Digital Code (KR/US Only)
- Web Credit Shop -


Here are the detailed purchase methods for each route.


Market Platforms

Touch the ZEM/Coin area at the top of Home and Shop in the ZEPETO app to be directed to the Credit Shop where you can purchase goods. Or, if you have less goods than the price of the item you want to purchase, a recharge pop-up will be shown automatically.


Payment methods by store


Web Shops

A web shop is an external payment shop where you can purchase ZEPETO goods, and there are currently Coda Shop, Razer Gold, and Web Credit Shop. Web shops allow you to gift goods to others and accept a wider range of payment methods (different for each web shop).

Please read this carefully!

  • Make sure you enter your ZEPETO account correctly on the web shop checkout page.
  • In the event of an ID mistake due to user oversight, regrettably, no refunds can be provided.
  • ZEPETO cannot verify payments made at web shops. For payment and refund inquiries, please contact the corresponding web shop directly.


Others (Digital Code)

Digital Code

Digital Codes are prepaid cards sold on online platforms (Korea: 11STREET, US: Amazon). After purchasing a Digital Code from an online platform, you can enter the code to load goods (ZEMs) to use in ZEPETO. The code number of the digital card will be sent as an SMS to the mobile phone number registered at the time of purchase.


  Amazon Digital Code
Solt at

Amazon (Link!)

Available in United States
  • $10 (160 ZEMs)
  • $20 (335 ZEMs)
  • $50 (860 ZEMs)
  • $100 (1,720 ZEMs)
  • $200 (3,470 ZEMs)
  • This product is non-returnable and non-refundable.
  • Currently, this item is available only to customers located in the United States.