[Notice] Avatar Slot prices will be standardized. [Notice] Avatar Slot prices will be standardized.

[Notice] Avatar Slot prices will be standardized.


Hello, this is the ZEPETO team.

We want to inform you about the upcoming standardization of Avatar Slot prices in the Credit Shop.
Our aim is to make it easier for you to own slots and enjoy them to the fullest.


1. Changes

  • Before: Additional slot purchases were priced differently depending on the number of slots you owned.

  • After: The price per slot will be the same regardless of the number of slots you own.

2. Post-change Price:

  • $4.49 per slot

  • cf. Previous Avatar Slot Price Variation

    Slot US($)
    Android iOS
    1st 1.99 1.99
    2nd 1.99 1.99
    3rd 3.49 2.99
    4th 3.99 3.99
    5th 4.99 4.99
    6th 5.99 5.99
    7th 5.99 5.99
    8th 6.99 6.99
    9th 6.99 6.99
    10th 7.99 7.99
    11th 7.99 7.99
    12th 8.99 8.99
    13th 8.99 8.99
    14th 8.99 8.99

3. Effective Date: April 15, 2024 at 12:00 PM (UTC+9)


Please Note:

  • Prices may vary in countries outside of South Korea and Japan due to different app market platforms and currency exchange rates.
  • The timing of price changes may slightly differ depending on your country.
  • For further assistance, please reach out to the app market platform you're purchasing from.


We will continue to do our best to provide you with a better experience.


Thank you,