Inquiries about Account Initialization Inquiries about Account Initialization

Inquiries about Account Initialization



Is the ZEPETO ID or Code that you see in your current account the same as before or has it changed?

If the ID or code is different than before, it is not initialized, but logged in with a different account. Please check your ZEPETO ID or code and if incorrect, log in with the right username and password.


Even if your Avatar is initialized, we cannot help you with the following cases.

1) If you customized after the Avatar is initialized

2) If more than 7days have passed after initialization

If you still can't resolve the issue, please contact us directly and provide the following listed down below:

1) ZEPETO ID or Code & Account verification method

2) Please send along with the recovery (initialization) time specifically
+ the image you want to recover back into!

3) If you have more than 2 accounts, which Avatar it is

4) Please explain the detailed path occurred in initialization

When you explain the situation, we should know more than the Avatar initialization itself. Please tell us in which specific process the situation happened.

ex) I did A and B, but I was logged out and moved to the first screen.