I couldn't get free ZEMs. I couldn't get free ZEMs.

I couldn't get free ZEMs.


With our new update, you can get ZEMs for free!


Were you not able to get ZEMs?

In order to receive your ZEMs, you must complete your missions until the end and receive confirmation of completion.

Missions include tasks that are not easy such as watching ads, providing personal information, solving quizzes (sometimes achieving a certain score is required), purchasing products, and reaching certain levels of a game. 

Home > LUCKY > Lined Button > Reward Status > Rewarded Missions are only deemed complete and therefore rewarded with ZEMs.


Upon confirmation of mission completion, you can check your awarded ZEMs through your notification menu.


Even if you think you completed a mission, if the third party platform that provides the service does not confirm completion, you may not receive your ZEMs. Please note that this is not up to ZEPETO's service and cannot be helped.

We hope you collect many ZEM rewards!