Inappropriate language Inappropriate language

Inappropriate language


ZEPETO is committed to building a safe space to build diverse communities, unleash creativity, and celebrate identity. To create a respectful and inclusive space for our community, we deploy a powerful text filtering system to identify any potentially violative text. This system detects and prevents violative text types like harassment, hate speech, sexual terms, violent terms, personally identifiable information, spamming and more.

If we identify potentially violative text, our system will not allow the text to be submitted and notify the user.

  • If you are alerted, we encourage you to review our Community Guidelines and learn how you can contribute to building a safer and more positive ZEPETO with us!
  • If you make multiple attempts to submit or post text with inappropriate words, it will be flagged for spamming behavior.

This system is set in place to ensure our community engages with one another with respect and kindness. However, you may encounter instances where differences in cultural or linguistic context can mistakenly flag your text as inappropriate language. If you come across this problem, please contact our team.

ZEPETO strongly believes in spreading positivity. There is power in kindness and sharing a compliment, expressing gratitude, or even something as simple as, “Hey! have a nice day,” can make a difference.

Let’s build a safer and positive ZEPETO together (with Soteria!)