Refund request : unauthorized purchase made by a user Refund request : unauthorized purchase made by a user

Refund request : unauthorized purchase made by a user



  1. If you found unauthorized charges, please go to Google Play Refund Request Page.

  2. Apple AppStore charges cannot be refunded by the ZEPETO team. Please reach out directly to Apple/iTunes to request a refund for any unauthorized purchases through their services.

Nevertheless, If you need ZEPETO team's help to check unauthorized charges, please fill out the information below. ZEPETO team will check whether it is possible to process refunds for payments. 


Please submit the payment information below.

<Transaction Info>

  1. ZEPETO Nickname 
  2. ZEPETO ID or Code (ex. ID : strawberry.prince / Code : ABC123)
  3. User's Name
  4. User's Date of Birth :
  5. Google Play account email : 
  6. List of the charges by date and Google Play purchase numbers 
    ex) Date: 2020/06/12
    Google Play purchase # : GPA.3322-8066-4744-01234
    * If there are several payments, please write down order numbers you want to refund at once.
  7. Guardian(Parent)'s Name (If applicable) : 
  8. Guardian(Parent)'s Zip / Postal code (If applicable) :
  9. Address : (If applicable)
  10. Relationship to the User (If applicable) :


<Information on collection and use of personal information>

1. Purpose of use: Acceptance and processing of refund requests
2. Storage period: All information is destroyed after storage of 7 days from the date of collection
3. The subject has the right to refuse to consent to the collection and use of the above personal information. But if refused, it is not possible to apply for a refund.