A gifted item disappeared! A gifted item disappeared!

A gifted item disappeared!


If there are ZEMs/coins/gifts that were not obtained from the ZEPETO app in the appropriate methods, we are retrieving them.

Please use only goods and items obtained through the correct purchase method.


Beware of accepting gifts obtained in an inappropriate way!

  • :경고:  Please be careful when participating in gifting events that are held outside of ZEPETO's official account.
  • If you receive a gift purchased with coins/ZEMs obtained in an inappropriate way, the gift will be retrieved.
  • If the problem recurs, the account that received the gift will also be restricted according to the service usage guide.:무서운:
  • For suspicious posts, users, and events, please use the [Report] function of the ZEPETO app at any time.

Help us work together to make ZEPETO safe and fun~