How do I get a refund? How do I get a refund?

How do I get a refund?


ZEPETO Refund Policy is as follows.

Product Refund Criteria
Coin/ZEM Refundable if not used
Avatar Refundable if not used


* Items cannot be refunded because they are worn immediately after purchase.


Refund Guide

> If the refund is possible according to the refund policy, please check if you are an Android user or iOS user. 


If you paid at Google Play,

  • Step 1 : Check your Order Number.

What is an Order Number?  It is a 17-digits receipt number 'GPA.0000-0000-0000-00000' by Google Play Store.

> How to check your Order Number

  1. The payment receipt will be sent to the Google Play Store GMAIL, which the payment has been proceeded.

  2.  You can check the payment order number from the payment receipt sent.

  3. What if I can't find the payment receipt sent by GMAIL? Log in to your Google account at the link below and check.

    - Google Payment Center : Visit

  • Step 2 : Send the Order Number here.


If you paid at Apple AppStore,

Unfortunately, due to Apple's policy, we cannot give you a refund. But we'll show you the direct refund page.

-  Apple Support : Visit